Update information 12/8 9:00 Cuba time

Yaimaris Vecino tells that yesterday she was able to see her husband briefly before being transferred to the provincial capital of Holguín. The aftermath of the beating is still evident, especially in the face and swollen and bruised eyes. She was again taken to hospital for medical advice .Eduardo Cardet remains firm in his convictions and in the unjust that is his detention.

The case instructor reports that he will ask between 1 and 3 years for the crime of attacking the authority, alleging that it was Eduardo who assaulted the police with the bicycle when he was about to be detained.

The family has made several different lawyers in Holguín but until now no lawyer wants to take over his defense, due to the connotations of the case.

Yaimaris insists that this is a cause made by the state security that had been warned when they arrested her 15 days ago, ie the regime’s intention to arrest Eduardo to neutralize his work as National Coordinator of the MCL in Special for the initiative “One Cuban, one vote”.

On the other hand, many residents of Velasco, patients of Dr. Cardet, members of various opposition organizations, and Christian Churches of the area have expressed their solidarity with him.

Update information 12/7 10:00 Cuban time As reported to the family the police today Eduardo Cardet will be transferred to the provisional prison of Holguin waiting for trial with the charges, among others of: Attack, public scandal, resistance, etc. ,

The MCL denounces that this is a fabricated cause against him that already for some time had been forging the state security

They have not allowed the family to see Eduardo so it is unknown what his physical condition after the brutal beating he received during and after the arrest

Listen to the complaint of Yordan Mariño, MCL Velasco, Holguín 20161207 Yordan Mariño- Cardet to prison with charges

Information Update 12/5/16 at 5:40 am Cuban time According to Eduardo Cardet Concepcion’s wife, Eduardo’s mother and other relatives and members of MCL showed up at the 1st police unit in Holguín, demanded to be able to see him and they showed him from a distance of about 100 meters . One officer acknowledged that he had arrived beaten up, with a heavy bruise in one eye.

The police have not given more information to the family about what is going to happen to Eduardo or what kind of measures they will take.

The police unit was visibly surrounded by agents and rapid response brigades.

Update 12/4/2016 2pm Cuba time: Yaimaris Vecino, wife of Eduardo Cardet Concepcion. C. N. #MCLiberacion “I have no proof that Eduardo is alive”

Yordan Mariño MCL Holguín: “witnesses who saw how they moved Eduardo from one vehicle to another said that because of the beating he could not stand.”

Update 12/03/2016 6pm Cuban time: After 72 hours of Eduardo Cardet’s arrest his whereabouts to continue to be unknown. The police told his wife who today came to ask, that until Monday they will not inform her of his whereabouts and that they can keep him incommunicado for up to 7 days. They want to accuse him of resistance, assault and injuries. According to some neighbors, once arrested the police continued to beat him.

Update 12/2/2106 4pm Cuba time: Eduardo Cardet’s whereabouts unknown

Report from Holguín Yordan Mariño, Provincial Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL). Eduardo Cardet’s sister showed up at the police unit where he was supposed to be detained, but no officer could confirm that he was there.

Listen to information in this Cardet audio whereabouts unknown

Update 12/1/2106 6pm Cuba time: Eduardo Cardet’s arrest will be extended to be brought to court for contempt, public scandal, resistance to authority and injuries. Cardet had to be taken care of by doctors in the police unit where he was detained due to several blows that he received mainly a great blow in the head and another in the back.

Information update 11/30/16 Several police officers stop and beat Eduardo Cardet Concepcion National Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement. The beating was terrible. He is being held in the dungeons of Holguin.

State Security says he “met with those who he should not have during his trip to the United States last week.” He is accused of contempt and disrespect to the comandante for the statements he made.

Threatened with 15 years’ imprisonment. His wife was detained for a few hours on Wednesday last week and threatened that as soon as Cardet arrived they would detain him.

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